Star Wars The Clone Wars Generall Krell vs Clone Troopers of the 212 and 501

Star Wars The Clone Wars Generall Krell vs Clone Troopers of the 212 and 501

General Krell vs the 501st


Appo, the second leader of the 501st.

Voca fullbody

Voca, one of the many leaders of the 501st after Rex and Appo.

The 501st Legion was an Elite unit of Clone Troopers and Stormtroopers that served under mainly Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader, the same person really.

Weapons and TrainingEdit

The 501st were regular troopers, just another Legion, but they built up extreme experience during the clone wars, especially under Rex and Anakin. Throughout Anakin's, and later, Vader's, lifespan, the 501st was committed to Jango clones only, while the other clones were stuck with the "inferior" non-clone new recruits. Hilariously, Commander Cody complains greatly over this predicament, correctly calling the new recruits "inferior", and thus, ruining GAR's reputation. This is true. In the original trilogy, we see troopers being blasted to bits by the droves, and in video games such as The Force Unleashed, Galen Marek cuts through them like cordwood.

220px-Atoa attack

Commander Voca's troopers.


The 501st Legion was the longest lasting and most feared and prominent sect of clone troopers in history, lasting from 21 BBY to approx. 137-9 ABY, maybe longer.

Vill,another 501st Commander.

250px-Massacre of New Plympto

Commander Vill's troopers.

180px-Fel Bastion

501st Stormtroopers of the Fel Empire.

 After the Clone Wars the 501st were the most consistent in the Stormtrooper army. After the near total destruction of Palpatine's Empire, the 501st switched




125px-Kix profile

Kix, phase II.


Sergeant Kano.

160px-Clone Trooper Denal


160px-Clone Trooper HardCase

Hardcase, phase I.


Hardcase, phase II.

160px-Normal Star Wars The Clone Wars S04E09 720p HDTV x264-IMMERSE 819

Appo and co.

loyalties to the Fel Empire.
160px-Clone Trooper Kix

Kix, phase I.

72px-Clone Jet Trooper with EMP Launcher

A 501st Jet trooper.

79px-Commander Bow

501st Commander Bow.


Rex's Phase II customized Helmet and Armor.

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