Clone Troopers - War Music Video

Clone Troopers - War Music Video

A quick video of clones in action

150px-Clone troopers trevas

Phase I and II variants including Clone Trooper, Clone Pilot, Clone Commando, Scout trooper, etc.

This is a heads-up about Clone Armor. There are many different types in Phase I, but even more in Phase II.

Phase I VariantsEdit

As you should know, most of the Phase I  Helment Variations have very pronounced crests. Exceptions are the Clone Pilot,Clone Commando, Stealth Trooper, and ARF trooper, though the latter may be an exception on top of that because of it's "Shark's Fin" funnel-shaped crest.

Rex's Phase II customized Helmet and Armor.

Phase II VariantsEdit

Ther are many, many examples of Phase II armor, including Clone Assassin style of armor,( also worn in similar design by Commanders Neyo and Wollfe) Clone Blaze Trooper armor, Paratrooper Armor, the new Trooper Armor, and several new Types of Pilot armor. However, the Clone Commando armor was still in use, but mostly in Mark II and Mark III variations. By now, the Null-class ARC troopers were either in their Mandalorian armor, or, suprisingly, still in Phase I armor. All Alpha-class ARC troopers were eventually absorbed into the Imperial
Icsu wiki rc1989

An Imperial Commando.


Commander Neyo.

mando Unit.

ARC trooper Colt.


Commander Wollfe.


Prudii, a Null-class ARC Trooper.

180px-Clone Assassin

A clone Assassin.

Clone tribute - Give me Reason

Clone tribute - Give me Reason

Clone troopers Phase I armor in action-music video-Give me Reason


Hawk in Phase II pilot armor.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Episode 5

Star Wars The Clone Wars Episode 5.08 -- "Bound for Rescue" Preview 2

Phase II Clones of the 212th and Kenobi vs Grievous and the droids

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