Clone Shocktrooper
200px-Shock trooper

Two shocktroopers on coruscant.

The clone shocktrooper is an elite unit of Clone Troopers usually stationed on coruscant. They are masters at guerilla combat tactics and crowd control. They rarely receive anything but long-term missions, crowd control issues, and hunting down dangerous fugitives/escaped criminals. They are the elite within the elite, and always receive the toughest assignments.

Weapons and TrainingEdit

They carried DC-15A Blaster rifles, DC-15S Carbine Blasters, Z-6 Rotary Cannons, PLX missle launchers, Thermal Detonators, and electrostaffs. 

As usual, they were raised and trained on Kamino. Their red armor had a great impact on GAR  and became notable, even famous, especialy their Phase II armor. Interestingly, their Phase I armor was very cerimonial, while they appeared more battle-hardened in Phase II.


82px-267,661,0,393-Fox & Rex

(left) Commander Fox of the Coruscant guard (Shocktroopers), (middle) Anikin Skywalker,(right) Captain Rex of the 501st Legion

The top Guard commanders of the Clone Wars were Fox and Thire. Later, at the ending days of the Republic, they were the first ones to be called Stormtroopers by citizens.

A Phase II Helmet.

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